Fans’ Tattoos


6 Responses to “Fans’ Tattoos”

  1. Ms. Fitch: You are an inspiration: Have you read Augustin Burroughs?, ( I think thats how you spell his name, I’m not sure, I gave all of his books away.) He is hilarious! He’s my second favorite author, after you. Thank You Sally Erskine

  2. Posted my tattoo for you! This is the caption:
    In honor of releasing #ChasingDeath, I got my second tattoo today. It’s a line from ‘White Oleander’ by Janet Fitch, aka my favorite book ever. It’s also in the font that my book was printed in, so that’s pretty magical.

    I’m starting my second book now and it’s entitled ‘Twenty-Seven Names For Tears’ again, from White Oleander.

    I cannot explain how much your writing means to me, or has influenced me to continue writing. I always tell people if I can write a book half as good as Janet Fitch, then I can die happy.

    Thanks for all you do.

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