It’s here!  The film based on my book PAINT IT BLACK is opening theatrically at long last in LA, at the Laemmle Music Hall in Beverly Hills, and at the Village East Cinema in NYC this week! I will be doing the Q and A tonight In Los Angeles with former student Lindsay Miller, now at Popsugar, and the powerhouse director Amber Tamblyn will be appearing three times this week, doing Q and A tonight with Amy Schumer, tomorrow night, the 20th, with America Ferrara, and the 23rd with Ira Glass.

The reviews have been a dream come true. Peter Travers in Rolling Stone, the New York Times, Nylon, Village Voice/LA Weekly  have all weighed in and the news is GREAT.

To celebrate the film’s release, I’ve been doing an Instagram takeover at my publisher’ Little Brown, giving some looks behind the book and into my world, exploring my  muses, disappointments, writing life and inspiration.

It has been a huge week–I just got married too… It’s all good but what an avalanche.  More soon!




  1. Wayne Clayton Says:

    Congratulations! So exciting! We loved the movie.

  2. Linda Harrison Says:

    YOU JUST GOT MARRIED?!!! OMG well congratulations to you!!

  3. YAY! I’ve been checking. SO EXCITED FOR YOU, for your crew, and we too (or is it “us”.. oy) !!!!!!!

  4. barryschwartz1 Says:

    Yeah, Baby! Onward and onward!

  5. Jeffrey Weinthal Says:

    I so hope that it will come to my home town Austin Texas. I really want to see this. The book is absolutely my favorite book of all time. 🙂

  6. Gail Gauthier Says:

    Many congrats on your marriage and your book and your movie.

  7. Susan Beck Says:

    No movie could possibly measures up to your depth off writing. You saved my life w this book and I will be forever grateful

    • Thanks Susan! So happy to hear. Don’t fear the movie–it’s very impressionistic, doesn’t try to replicate the book. Just gorgeous in itself.

  8. I don’t see a date of the posts anywhere. Quite unfortunate.

    • Hi Ludmilla,
      I’m so sorry, it was back in May. My new website, will soon be fully operational and have a scrolling ‘events’ calendar which will show dates and show the ones that are done. There will also be a place to sign up for alerts, probably two weeks away for formal launch. Thank you for caring! all best, Janet

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