Paint It Black the Movie–Coming to the Big Screen!

After many ups and downs, and a successful tour of film festivals last winter, Paint It Black the Movie will at last be coming to a theater near you!  It was picked up for distribution by Imagination Worldwide.  after the Houston Film Festival, and it’s going to get the royal treatment, the whole nine yards–theatrical, streaming, you name it.

Though it seems like movies take less time to shoot than novels take to write, Paint It Black was a four-year novel, while Amber Tamblyn has been working almost ten on this project–first trying to get the rights from me (sorry!) then writing the script with her writing partner, Ed Daugherty, the long road to casting–like herding kittens.  This one was on, then that one fell out.  Her decision to direct the film herself.  Then the final casting, the securing the locations–all within ten minutes of my house–getting the money together, that girl is a powerhouse.  The shooting only took 20 days, but it looks like it was 40.

She’s expecting a baby this month, and I’m putting finishing touches on my Russian novel, due out in November–and we’re going to celebrate the release of the movie this April! Nice to have some good things to look forward to.

Said the female CEO of Imagination Worldwide, Michelle Mower: “IWW could not be more excited to be working with Amber Tamblyn on the release of her directorial debut feature Paint It Black. Amber’s approach to the Janet Fitch novel is both visually poetic and features strong female characters in complex relationships. It’s the perfect film for relaunching our company in 2017.”

It sure is poetic and gorgeous and a touch surrealistic… Hope you enjoy it!


16 Responses to “Paint It Black the Movie–Coming to the Big Screen!”

  1. Good for you! Muzzle tough.

  2. alisawood Says:

    Congratulations! Cant wait!

  3. alisawood Says:

    Congratulations Janet! Can’t wait!

  4. Fantastic news! One of my all-time favorite books. I’m a huge fan of your writing–your raw talent, your unwavering vision, your pure storyteller’s heart–and I hope this project only increases visibility for both you and Amber. Your Russian novel will be on auto-buy the moment it comes out. All best wishes to you.

  5. Oh man, I can’t wait! Do you have a approximate date by any chance?

  6. Super congratulations! Can not wait to see this extraordinary novel brought to life on the big screen. You have been so enthusiastic about Amber Tamblyn’s vision, it’s sure to be provocative and heart stopping, like the book itself. And the Russian novel!! At long last… can’t wait to read it. Do you know the title yet?

  7. Starr Kuzak Says:

    Congratulations Janet!!!!

  8. beverly trainer Says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward! ;o)

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