The Writing Life–Coffee with Alice

 Lots of thoughts about writing and life and the writing life in this Alice Carbone interview. Online this morning at

6 Responses to “The Writing Life–Coffee with Alice”

  1. Loved this. Left my comment on iTunes for Alice. Thanks for sharing, Janet.

  2. Wonderful Janet ~Mal

  3. Dear Janet,

    I don’t know if you remember (it would be quite understandable if you did not) but we met at/after your panel at the LA Times Book Fair this past year. I was the young woman in the light blue jumpsuit. From one writer to another, I’m having the worst time figuring stuff out. It seems as though I’ve accumulated a lifetime of insane experiences at such a young age, and I simply can’t find the right way to put them down.

    I’m starting to feel like I’ll never move on if I don’t write about everything I’ve seen. If you’ve ever got a moment, maybe you could help me get the words unstuck. Growing up in LA can really do a number on us, huh? My email is



    P.S. Very excited about the film…can’t wait to see it! Alia Shawkat is a marvelous and mistakenly underrated actress.

    • Hi Rowan!
      I’d try to do some of the short shorts. That way, instead of chasing after your actual experiences, you can let bits and pieces bubble up on their own accord. You don’t say if you’re writing fiction, though. Non-fiction you find a way to tell THAT story. Fiction you start writing, and you let all those experiences percolate through a story you’re making up. So depends on the urgency with which you need to tell your own personal story, vs. writing stories that hold your truths with the facts disguised in various ways. I don’t know anything about non-fiction. Good luck and happy holidays!

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