Facebook’s Cooked

It was only a matter of time that an entity as large as Facebook would finally launch itself over a cliff.  We all know of its unsavory beginnings, grumbled as we were forced into forms and apps and sharing information with the corporation we really would have preferred to keep private. Just as with Myspace, (which was a lot more fun,) Facebook has had its run, and it’s coming to a close. I can’t see having my posts labeled “Sponsored,” (by myself!)–nor paying $7 per x number of viewers.  I”m not selling anything.

On the other hand, I think it would be disingenous to resent Zuckerberg wanting to make money on what he’s been providing for free–FB’s  under no responsibility to provide a free service to billions of people.  It was just one of those cultural moments, like the hula hoop.  And its time is over.

So welcome to all of you FB friends who have decided to keep in touch with me here. I’m looking forward to doing more than just ‘liking’ ‘friending’ and navigating towards sites I already enjoy–Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to get between me and you.




9 Responses to “Facebook’s Cooked”

  1. Hurrah! I’m happy your posting here again 🙂

    • Yes, I realized that I’ve been distracted by the minutiae of life, and the death of FB is reminding me there are bigger thoughts to be had.

  2. Ditto. On your trail..Question though- where is the “subscribe” click? Or there isn’t one? You have to leave a Reply to Sign up?

  3. Good post Janet. I think you’re leading the way on revealing how FB will face serious challenges as it moves forward. Enjoy your blog.

  4. Whether you’re right about the demise of facebook or not, I’m glad to find you posting again. I always click “like” for photos of other people’s kids and dogs, but draw the line with pictures of their breakfast cereal. Look forward to more stimulating thoughts and information.

  5. Brava!! I completely agree.

  6. celascott Says:

    Preach it! Zuckerberg has been everyone’s middle man for far too long.

  7. “Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t need to get between me and you.” Love it. Agreed.

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